MIT REAP Team Abuja, Nigeria Drives Digital Innovation For Entrepreneurship with the National Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre (NDI&EC)

Premium Times Nigeria February 10, 2021

Modern facilities are being put in place to create the atmosphere needed to inspire solutions-based deliberations among tech enthusiasts.

In Africa, Nigeria is one of the few countries that is demonstrating an unwavering commitment to sustaining the enabling environment to entrench innovation and entrepreneurship. As such, the recent commissioning of the National Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre (NDI&EC) in Abuja, another project of the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), has further confirmed that Nigeria’s transition from the traditional economy to a digital one is on course. The NDI&EC was launched by Team Abuja, Nigeria (Cohort 7) in participation with MIT REAP. Designed and constructed to close the gap between the industry and academia, the Centre has the objective of replicating a practical industry environment suitable for developing technology and innovations for achieving an indigenous digital economy.

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