MIT REAP is a powerful global initiative that engages with communities around the world to supercharge IDE ecosystems and transform economies with two programs, Global and Focus. Both programs employ an evidence-based “team” approach, translating MIT frameworks, research and insights into practical, actionable, and strategic interventions, convening and educating key stakeholders, and empowering regional leaders to drive meaningful, long-term economic and social progress.

The Focus program is unique in that it works with teams within a single region to employ a more targeted acceleration model, distinct from Global cohorts, and with a bespoke timeframe and optional native language offering.

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To learn more about the MIT REAP Focus program, email reap@mit.edu.

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MIT REAP Framework

MIT REAP Framework consists of a series of mechanisms to translate, convene and educate teams of regional leaders through a full 5-stakeholder approach. The MIT REAP teams address the existing system by developing a strategy to deploy new interventions to improve it.