iLab revenues support a myriad of social innovation programs through a three-dimensional strategy

June 26, 2023

iLab revenues support a myriad of social innovation programs through a three-dimensional strategy. First, introducing innovation programs to participants from non-traditional demographics empowers them to adopt change-making mindsets while learning practical innovation skills with the final objective of promoting social mobility.

1) For first-generation university graduates in low-income, Thinkcamp is an innovation Bootcamp. Its objective is to design High Impact Technology and Companies with an emphasis on developing products (IoT) and business models that allow for mitigating the consequences of Climate Change. Participants create a solution to a global scale problem around: Health, Mobility, Living Spaces, Food, and Energy; from immersion in aspects of the technological context, product design engineering, and the sustainability of the business model. One hundred ninety-two specialized projects and 90 intellectual property rights titles awarded are the outcomes of this initiative from twenty-two cohorts and 616 participants.

2) For those who neither study nor work (Ninis), Women with a productive need, or Older Adults, there is Eureka. We teach a model and the techniques to test and launch an economic activity that evolves into a company with a market in a guided way. The program includes hybrid sessions on 9 to 12 topics so that they know how to interpret the environment and its opportunities, design solution prototypes and test with consumers, and define the resources that allow them to scale and profit sustainably. As a result, 161 thousand participants and more than 30 thousand economic units are active as a result of this effort

3) For professors in universities, predominantly public, we have Challengers. We transfer tools and a model for teachers to use the classroom as a social innovation laboratory, solving problems from and with their communities and making the students become co-facilitators and executors of the change process from which the same community that recognizes and rewards their contribution is a beneficiary. Two thousand one hundred fifty teachers and more than 14,000 students have launched initiatives and projects to activate social fabric.

Weekly; We curate and deliver content to a community of 166,000 subscribers to update initiatives. In addition, through a newsletter, we support a community of change agents in the LATAM region.

iLab has invested more than USD 2 Million in social mobility programs.

77 prices, awards, and recognitions have been granted for the projects resulting from the ThinkCamp program, among them five consecutive years of Innovators under 35 of MIT Technology Review.

iLab as an organization was awarded with the National Entrepreneurship Award from the Presidency of Mexico.

The next five years
iLab’s operation has migrated from in-person programs to a live-online experience.

We have expanded our reach to offer consultancy and social impact initiatives across Latin America and Spain by selecting key partners representing the iLab brand and method.

Our focus for the next five years will be to allocate our professional services around emerging business models and sustainability.

Our social initiatives will create green technology to mitigate climate change effects and the promotion for circular economy design on business and products.