Suriname faces significant challenges that demand strategic attention. The agricultural sector needs significant improvement to boost food exports to the Caribbean region, aligning with the UN Sustainable Development Goal for food security. The impending growth of the offshore oil industry, set to begin in 2028, requires careful execution for Suriname to match the GDP growth seen in neighboring Guyana. Nurturing and educating startups in this burgeoning industry is crucial for long-term economic sustainability. And the establishment and proper management of a Sovereign Wealth Fund is essential to ensure financial security for future generations.

Participating in the MIT REAP program presents an opportunity for Suriname to address these challenges and realize its visionary future. MIT REAP Team Suriname’s goal is to advance the agricultural sector, increasing food exports and ensuring the success of the offshore oil industry through building a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem–aiming not only to transform Suriname but also to positively impact the entire region, ultimately creating a path to prosperity, sustainability, and economic growth.

Team Members

Risk Capital

Innovation Ecosystem Stakeholder Model

Maya Parbhoe
CEO, Daedalus Labs
John Goedschalk
CEO, BioTara
Steven Coutinho
CEO, Coutinho & Company NV
Justin Siew Hong Ho
Advisor, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Guillaume Kloof
Managing Director, Valley Date Tech
Rudolf Elias
Senior Advisor Oil, Gas and Renewables, EY Caribbean

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