MIT REAP Team Queensland’s regional focus is on the state of Queensland of the Commonwealth of Australia, which is located in the north-east of the country. The team is represented by stakeholders from all five stakeholder groups, including Queensland University of Technology, Queensland Government Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation, Blue Sky Ventures, and Rio Tinto.

Team Members

Risk Capital

Innovation Ecosystem Stakeholder Model

Arun Sharma
Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice President (Research and Innovation), Queensland University of Technology
Damien Walker
Director Department of Innovation, Tourism Industry Development and the Commonwealth Games
Alastair Mathias
General Manager, Automation and Technology, Rio Tinto
Wayne Gerard
CEO & Co-Founder, RedEye
Elaine Stead
Head of Venture Capital Division, Blue Sky Alternative Investments Ltd
Bronwyn Harch
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), University of Queensland
Martin Obschonka
Director, Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research, QUT Business School
Rowena Barrett
Executive Director, QUT Entrepreneurship Initiative, QUT Business School
Char-Lee Moyle
Lecturer in Management, Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research, QUT

Team Strategy

  • Challenge & Opportunity:
  • Strategy & Action

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Core Regional Metrics

Economic & Social Progress

Social progress and economic prosperity as a collective measure of development in a region.

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Innovation-Driven Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Innovation-Driven Entrepreneurial Ecosystems are regional environments that effectively support startups focused on addressing global markets based on technological, process or business model innovation.

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Team News

June 29, 2017

Queensland awarded coveted international entrepreneurship program


QUT champions entrepreneurship to boost home-grown tech to the world

June 12, 2018

Future of Mining Innovation