MIT REAP Team Lebanon’s focus is on the country of Lebanon. The team is represented by stakeholders from all five stakeholder groups. The team is championed by Benchmark Development with key stakeholders from the Prime Minister’s Office Economic Affairs, Touch, American University of Beirut, and Daher Capital.

Team Members

Risk Capital

Innovation Ecosystem Stakeholder Model

Bassim Halaby
CEO, Benchmark Development
Yasmina El Khoury
PM Office Economic Affairs
Bijan Azad
Associate Professor, Olayan School of Business, American University of Beirut
Emre Gurkan
CEO, Touch / Zain
Mark Daher
Managing Director, Daher Capital
Nabil Fahed
CEO, Fahed Group
Omar Christidis
CEO & Founder, ArabNet
Nadim Khater
Chief Commercial Officer, TOUCH
Michel Daher
Chairman, Daher Capital

Team Strategy

  • Challenge & Opportunity:
  • Strategy & Action

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Core Regional Metrics

Economic & Social Progress

Social progress and economic prosperity as a collective measure of development in a region.

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Innovation-Driven Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Innovation-Driven Entrepreneurial Ecosystems are regional environments that effectively support startups focused on addressing global markets based on technological, process or business model innovation.

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Innovation Capacity

Ability to develop new to the world innovations from inception through to the market.


Entrepreneurial Capacity

Ability to start and build new to the world businesses from inception to maturity.