The challenges facing the Guatemalan entrepreneurial ecosystem include technology transfer (or research and development transfer), education and technification, access to financing, collaborative culture, supportive policies, and incentives, as well as strategy and coordination.

Guatemala has the potential for positive economic growth and competitiveness, but there is a need to enhance technology transfer to fully leverage the strong entrepreneurial spirit and foster technological progress in the country.

MIT REAP Guatemala aims to address these challenges by unifying the five stakeholders of the innovation ecosystem in the country. The goal is to create synergies that promote the transfer of knowledge and collaboration, leading to the acceleration of human capital development. This, in turn, will enable the creation of new technology-based business models and drive further entrepreneurial impact on Guatemalan society.

Team Members

Risk Capital

Innovation Ecosystem Stakeholder Model

Luis Pedro Hernandez Balconi
Senior Innovation Strategist, Tigo - Millicom
Sheidy Li
Networking and Relationships Manager, Progreso X
Jorge Gabriel Jiménez
UFM CoLab Director, Universidad Francisco Marroquin
Gabriela Rodas Urruela
Project Manager, Progreso X
Ada Hurtarte Caceres
Chief Marketing Officer, Banco Industrial
Javier Ramirez
Innovation Manager, Banco Industrial
Nery Guzman
CEO, Aly-ai
Patricia Letona D.
Advisor, Senacyt Guatemala
Ximena Matus Bonilla
Managing Partner, Cacao Capital

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