MIT REAP Team Yakutia’s regional focus is on Sakha Republic (Yakutia), which is located in the Far Eastern Federal District of Russia. The team has strong representation from government, university and corporate stakeholders including the Investment, Development and Entrepreneurship Ministry of Sakha Republic, Venture Company Yakutia, North-Eastern Federal University, JSC Yakutia Air Company, and Technopark Yakutia.

Team Members

Risk Capital

Innovation Ecosystem Stakeholder Model

Tatyana Bravina
Deputy Minister, Investment Development and Entrepreneurship Ministry of Sakha Republic
Anatolii Myreev
General Director, AEB IT LLC
Vasilii Efimov
Deputy General Director, Joint-Stock Company
Anatoliy Semenov
General Director, Technopark Yakutia
Afanasiy Savvin
Vice President, North-Eastern Federal University
Afanasiy Savvin
Vice President of North-Eastern Federal University
Dmitiy Amelkin
Head of strategic projects and analytic, ALROSA
Sergey Khristoforov
IT Director, JSC Yakutia Air Company
Anna Alekseevskaia
Director, JSCB Almazergienbank JSC
Alexander Krylov
Deputy General Director, AEB IT LLC
Tuiara Alekseeva
Ministry of Innovation, Digital Development and Information & Communication Technologies

Team Strategy

  • Challenge & Opportunity:
  • Strategy & Action

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Core Regional Metrics

Economic & Social Progress

Social progress and economic prosperity as a collective measure of development in a region.

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Innovation-Driven Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Innovation-Driven Entrepreneurial Ecosystems are regional environments that effectively support startups focused on addressing global markets based on technological, process or business model innovation.

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Team News

April 5, 2018

Look What I Found in Siberia – Fusion by Fresco Capital – Medium