MIT REAP Team King Abdullah Economic City’s (KAEC) focus is on King Abdullah Economic City, which is located along the coast of the Red Sea, about 100 km north of Jeddah. The Team is Championed by the SME Authority and Prince Mohammad Bin Salman College (MBSC). It also has strong representation from the Economic Cities Authority and Artista.

Team Members

Risk Capital

Innovation Ecosystem Stakeholder Model

Abdullah Alsagheir
Vice Governor, SME Authority
Osama Ashri
Head of Development, MBS College
Muwaffaq Jamal
Vice Governor, SME Authority
Lulwa Alsudairy
Co-founder and CEO, Artistia
Majed Abunahyyah
General Manager, SME Authority
Tariq Linjawi
Advisor to the Governor, SME Authority
Mazen Alsaleh
Director General, Economic Cities Authority
Khaloud Almansour
Head, MISK Foundation (MBSC Partner)
Loai Nassim
Founder & CEO, Lomar
Joris De Klundert
Faculty, MBS College
Joel Evans
Faculty, MBS College

Team Strategy

  • Challenge & Opportunity:
  • Strategy & Action

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Core Regional Metrics

Economic & Social Progress

Social progress and economic prosperity as a collective measure of development in a region.

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Innovation-Driven Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Innovation-Driven Entrepreneurial Ecosystems are regional environments that effectively support startups focused on addressing global markets based on technological, process or business model innovation.

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