MIT REAP Innovation Diplomats

MIT REAP Innovation Diplomats (iDiplomats) is a summer internship that connects MIT students with MIT REAP Teams. The objective of iDiplomats is to provide an opportunity for REAP Alumni and current REAP Teams to engage more closely with MIT students on advancing their work to support the innovation-driven entrepreneurial (IDE) ecosystems of the region. The iDiplomats program is designed to leverage the expertise of the innovation and entrepreneurship community on campus including the MIT Innovation Initiative (MITii), MIT Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program (MIT REAP), Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship (MIT Entrepreneurship Centre), and Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Leaders (REAL).

MIT REAP iDiplomats students are focused on working with a REAP Team to address gaps, engage stakeholders, implement a long-term MIT REAP strategy, and/or help win a specific ‘Must Win Battle’. The MIT REAP iDiplomats stay and work full-time in the region for three months (June – August) to support the REAP team.

“Jessie Tsai (iDiplomat 2018) is a studious and dedicated intern who was able to work relatively independently, resulting in a mutually beneficial program that exceeded expectations of the team (MIT REAP Team Queensland), but also provided Jessie with an experience of a life time.” – MIT REAP Team Queensland

As an MIT REAP Team, Why Participate in MIT REAP iDiplomats?

  • Expose stakeholders in the region to MIT’s unique approach to hands-on problem solving and passion for having real impart in the world.
  • Utilize an MIT student to focus on a well-defined and relevant challenge that may be addressing gaps, engaging stakeholders, implementing long-term MIT REAP strategies, or helping with a specific ‘Must Win Battle’.


Outcomes of MIT REAP iDiplomats

  • Innovation Ecosystem Frameworks: Structured approach to gathering and analyzing data about the ways in which innovation and entrepreneurship in MIT REAP regions is supported or hindered by financial capital, human talent, infrastructure, etc.
  • Innovation Contexts: MIT REAP Region specific cultural and political sights into the nature and role of innovation diplomacy
  • Diplomacy & Networks: Understand the key stakeholders in an MIT REAP region’s innovation ecosystem, meet with alumni and others in the region to continue in-the-field analysis, allowing to forge relationships with leaders among government, corporate, entrepreneurs, risk capital, and academia stakeholder categories.
  • MIT REAP Team specific project: Focus on a relevant and well-defined challenge for the MIT REAP Team and region. iDiplomtats will help the REAP team with a specific challenge that may include addressing gaps, engaging stakeholders, implementing long-term MIT REAP strategies, or helping with a specific ‘Must Win Battle’.


How to Apply?

  • Send a MIT REAP iDiplomats Statement of Interest with a brief outline of the iDiplomats project to – Deadline December 1st
  • Receive confirmation from MIT REAP – December
  • Interview iDiplomats students – April
  • Confirm the choice of a student – April