Opportunities Overview

MIT REAP GIN offers a number of opportunities for REAP Alumni, including:


  • Build a global community of regional innovation leaders
  • Enable continuous intra-cohort and inter-cohort REAP collaborations
  • Track impact of REAP team activities post-program
  • Increase awareness of the MIT approach to the science of innovation
  • Assess impact through surveys & data

Convenings and ‘Reunions’

  • Convenings and ‘reunions’ open to all REAP Alumni (and often current REAP Teams)
  • Events held 1-3x / year, in a variety of global REAP regions
  • MIT REAP team uses future travel to see REAP Alumni
  • REAP regions to present their progress and exchange knowledge

MIT REAP Innovation Diplomats Internship

  • Opportunity for REAP Alumni and current REAP Teams and regions to engage with the MIT ecosystem- and students on advancing innovation drive entrepreneurial (IDE) ecosystems.
  • iDiplamats students focus 100% on a REAP team to help address gaps, engage stakeholders, implement long term MIT REAP strategy, and help with a specific strategic intervention.
  • iDiplomats students stay and work full-time in-region for 3 months (June/July – August/September) to support the REAP team.

How to engage in MIT REAP Innovation Diplomats Program? Work with MIT REAP Director directly.

MIT REAP Team Mentorship Initiative

  • Opportunity for MIT REAP Alumni –Mentors – and current REAP Teams – to engage more closely in collaboration and knowledge-and expertise sharing.
  • Project-based opportunity for collaboration, available during the 2-year REAP program.
  • Choose from different categories of challenges to work on, including action-based challenges, workshop-based challenges, domain-based expertise, or stakeholder-based challenge.
  • Partnership opportunities, knowledge transfer, pilot and collaborative studies, and convenings.

How to engage in MIT REAP Team Mentorship Initiative? Work with MIT REAP Director directly.

MIT Alumni Engagement

MIT REAP is working on strengthening the engagement between MIT Alumni and REAP Teams. We have identified three basic options from this type of engagement:

  • Broader networking event – an opportunity for MIT Alumni and MIT REAP Teams to connect, brainstorm, and engage in action-learning gatherings.
  • Smaller private event – an opportunity for key Alumni to interact with REAP Teams and for REAP Teams with the aim to solve specific problems and to help the REAP Team in strategic ways.
  • Event related to faculty visit – an opportunity to take advantage of a faculty visit to get to know the MIT Alumni in a REAP region.

How to engage with MIT (Sloan) Alumni? Work with MIT REAP Director directly. Connect with your MIT Alumni Club. Connect with your local MIT Sloan Alumni Club.

REAP LinkedIn Platform

  • Enables members to continue intra-cohort and inter-cohort exchange of information, and collaboration
  • Rich online content with latest trends, research, experiences and other relevant news from primarily REAP Alumni and MIT
  • Exclusively for REAP Alumni

Future Opportunities

  • MIT REAP Visiting Scholar Fellow – an opportunity for university affiliates or regional leaders to engage with MIT as a full-time student to do research on innovation science and policy specific to their region
  • MIT REAP International Faculty Fellowship – an opportunity for university faculty from MIT partner institutions to come to MIT for a semester of learning about MIT’s teaching approach and MIT’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation landscape.

How to engage in MIT REAP Team Mentorship Initiative? Work with MIT REAP Director directly.


For more information, please read MIT REAP Global Innovation Network (GIN) Overview.